Our Soda Blasting technology and process is designed with the environment in mind. Blasting is messy and produces a lot of waste. As well, it uses chemical compounds that, when used without proper training, can be harmful to the environment. With our expertly trained staff, we monitor and analyze every aspect of our process to ensure a minimal effect on the aquatic environment for which your craft was designed.

We strive to keep our environmental footprint as minimal as possible. Industrial needs such as soda blasting should be green and environmentally friendly. We also know the value of your important property. We will keep your equipment safe and maintain professional care of your property while under our responsibility.

All jobs are very important to us, and we treat your property as if it were our own.  In the same way, we believe more businesses should focus on keeping the environment safe while also providing the best service.  In the Las Vegas area, our company is the best option for soda blasting that’s required on any aquatic equipment.

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