Do you run a business that uses industrial equipment?  With continued use these pieces can have significant damage done to them just from regular usage over time.  When the time comes that you need to have these pieces cleaned fully and completely, look no further than Soda Blasting.

Our Soda Blasting for industrial equipment is the highest quality available and we have plenty of satisfied clients.  As well, other businesses use soda blasting processes that can have a harmful effect on the environment and the people that share it.  Not us.  Our technology and process is completely environmentally friendly.

We ensure that our impact on our world is as minimal as possible.  With a majority of our focus going to your equipment, we take the time to provide a complete job ensuring that 100% of the grime you want removed comes off and we present your equipment completely renewed and refreshed; ready for continual use in your industry. Give us a call when you’re ready to have your industrial equipment soda blasted and get clean for the best uses in the future.

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